Chef & Manager

Salvatore Cucullo Jr.

has spent his entire life in the restaurant world. His hands on experience. His top level training at The Culinary Institute of America, and his family background-rooted in Italian cuisine made for a perfect recipe. The 808 Bistro’s menu is built with an Italian foundation. On top of it is Chef Salvatore’s creative mix of culinary expertise and a sensitive finger.

The constantly-changing menu shows culinary innovation beyond just appetizers and entrees. The pasta section features homemade offerings that pay a loving homage to Cucullo’s background with Nana’s gnocchi and spinach and cheese Cannelloni just to name a couple. Pastas are also available as whole wheat or gluten free-one indication that the menu at The 808 Bistro, apart from being creative and sensational, also pays attention to today’s dietary concerns.

Chef & Owner - A chef without borders


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